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Satsang/Silence Retreat

januari 29 @ 08:00 - februari 1 @ 17:00

Are you done with small talk? Do you want to know what it really is all about?

It is not about the world, it is only about you. Clean up your inner mess once and for all! Immerse yourself in a 4-day fully  January-29,30,31- February 1 2019 organized Satsang / silence retreat and get rid of every thought that covers your light.

It is not about a beautiful experience that you put next to your other experiences in a display cabinet. This gift to yourself focuses on total liberation, a lasting realization of your ever-present unborn true self.

We do not want to hold back and have to mention that it really requires courage, determination and trust. It also means saying goodbye to ideas that have been believed and cherished for a long time, but in particular to to the person you seem to be.

Satsang is also called the direct path. The pointings that are provided guide the self inquiry beyond illusion. The recognition awakens you, it makes you aware of everything you are not so that your true self remains. It gives you the chance to let your fears and desires slide off your shoulders forever.

You determine how far you go. Are you willing to enter into confrontation with your apparent self and give up all your beliefs including your apparent self for total liberation?

Then this is your chance. Perhaps your ego is now making excuses and labeles it as nonsense or not the right moment. See where that thought comes from, this is not who you are. Hear the inaudible. Life will support your path of longing for the absolute at all times!

The fee includes overnight stay and meals:

Your registration will be final once we received a deposit of € 250,=

The venue is located at a beautiful location in the east of the Netherlands, about 20 minutes traveling with train from Zwolle. If you are traveling from Schiphol Airport, just take one of the trains leaving at the Airport. The Dutch public transportations are very easy and comfortable. Book the train to Dalfsen.

Isissofia ( is located in a little town called Dalfsen. There are some possibilities to take a region cab (cheaper, but you have to reserve an hour before departing) You can call 003188-8080621, and consult them about your time of arrival and the time you have to be at the location. The venues address is: Keizersteeg 3 DalfsenThe name of the location is Isis Sofia. Walking from the train station to the location, would take you around 40 minutes. A lovely walk by the way!

We hope to meet you A big Namasté for you!

 Warm regards,

The Origin & Jeroen & Petra

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januari 29 @ 08:00
februari 1 @ 17:00